Legal Science, LLC (LS) supports researchers and policy advocates with the unique research application, MonQcle. MonQcle allows researchers to code the law with custom ontologies, building any topic using our Law Library, and publishing to any site using the MonQcle plugin.

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Analyze effects of the law, improve accuracy and quality with efficiency needed to publish timely findings before they are out of date.
Analyze and study the impact of the law


Facilitate change in the law by producing and proposing informed, evidence-based policy solutions with engaging visualizations.
Create meaningful impact on the law


Identify opportunities , meet compliance requirements and stay on top of changes in the law to get a competitive advantage.
Act on and navigate the impact of the law

Simple Insights into Complex Law

Use the latest technology to complement your legal expertise and adapt to evolving law

Legal data has become too big for a spreadsheet

• Keep research up-to-date without starting over
• Identify relationships and substantive differences in legal text across jurisdictions
• Access millions of machine annotated statutes in our graph database

Audiences now expect graphics and interactivity

• Publish customized reports that engage your audience
• Dynamic legal maps and interactive pin-cites are directly connected to the laws
• Empower and influence your audience to make informed decisions faster

Remote teams require new kinds of management and quality control

• Flexible collaboration features let supervisors apply their own personal management style
• Catch process errors with less double-checking
• Tools to mediate differences in team members’ interpretation without supervisor involvement

Emerging legal domains have steeper learning curves

• Use analytical tools to quickly scope and understand
• Build research on a solid foundation from a library of pre-built datasets on over 200 topics
• Get training and work alongside our legal experts on custom projects
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